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Robot Room Ideas

  Take me to your leader! Robots have been teasing our imaginations for decades with good reason. The futuristic feel of a robot makes us think we too can be part of the future and that’s exciting! Today we have a collection of 15 Robot Room Ideas to help your little guys and gals fall asleep with exciting visions of what may be!

Boys Toddler Room Ideas

Toddler rooms are such fun to create! This is the age when your little boy starts to really develop toy and theme preferences. And by preferences, I really mean “all-consuming passions”. Your toddler boy may love trucks or cars or signs or playing cards or ??? Each child is unique. At this age their preferences can change quickly. For you, that means you can either embrace their current loves and design the room accordingly (knowing they will outgrow the room soon) or go for a traditional feel. Either way, you will need to keep in mind safety because your child will have more unsupervised time at night than they had in a crib. We’ve put together a collection of boys toddler room ideas to inspire your next room!

Ice Cream Bar + Summer Popsicle Banner

 Hello Design Dazzle readers, it’s Holly from Paisley Petal Events and I’m excited to be here for Summer Camp again this year! My kids get out of school next week (yay!) and I thought it would be fun to have a little celebration when they get home on that last day. The weather has been quite warm here in Utah so I thought an ice cream bar was definitely in order. Don’t all kids love ice cream?? I know mine do!